I remember one dream.

I (or i just saw what happened...not very sure...i was not sleeping for a long time so the dream was not long) was George Costanza and he was driving to pick up lots of money (i think it had to do with the show him and Jerry tried to have with NBC...it was back on for real that time..i think) and he was driving while talking with Ellaine on a cell phone. He suddendly said that he would look for a nice beautiful house for him to live him and she did not think that he would do it then she said that he would not have enough money for it. He replied just wait and see. The next thing is that he ended up in a beautiful big house in the middle of nowhere and it was supposed to be his house. I don't remember his name (i thought it was Roger Simmons...made a little search on another page it did not turned out.....its the man who first started showing exercises...he is gay and almost always dress with shorts) but he was there making food, he was shocked that someone was in his house like it was his but after explaing the man understood and was about to leave then Costanza said to him well finish your food and we'll eat it. He stayed the night too. I remember both of the waking up the next morning and that's it.