I remember two dreams.

I had woken up before noon but later than I was supposed to that day because I had an Hockey game on television at 13:00 but for some reason I had put in my head that since it started at that it was like it was not a real game, I had been feeling good about that decision but the game was coming up and it was a weird feeling but I kept it and did my morning routine normally, when I was done with it they were still playing so I went on the television but acted like everything was okay and that the Stars were not playing. Dad was there and angry that I had taken the television but he said nothing (we were in the kitchen of the Saint-Hubert house). I was going to close the television and satellite but I by mistake or not pushed a red button (the remote did not look like any remote we have had) and the screen changed. Dad started to panic and throwing his arms in the air said that we would never have television ever again in our lives. I clicked again on it and saw the screen change again so I figured that it would be back to the normal screen and he left freaking out and I told him that it would be back and told him when it was back but he said nothing and did not come back to the room.

All I remember is that a Cat was there and he/she went on a coffee table that had lots of magazines on it. I also remember that I was in that dream and I am pretty sure one or two other people were and that mom was one of them (i think i was trying to explain the cat being there).