I remember only my last two dreams, I did remember the others when waking up from the others but my second to last dream was so awful that it made me forget them.

It was like The Invasion movie and Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman were also in it. I was acting like I too was turned and I was with a woman and a man who really were (i could not see the mans face but the woman was the actress). They were killing Danny, when he was very injured the plan was for Nicole Kidman to enter a car and finish him off. I was not participating in the murder and I was horrified but somehow I was able to stand there without emotions. We were where a street is and there was a forest there too. Danny was between the forest and the street on grass. Nicole Kidman wanted to crush him with the car where the trees are so I said that she should do it where the sidewalk is because the blood would wash down easily (dont know why but i though it would be the opposite of the blood being on the trees) and I saw that Danny smiled at me (that helped me staying in character until it was all over) and then (they both thought it was a good idea) they (only NK entered the car...the man was always behind me i think...it was like he was in the shadows so i could never really see him) killed him (i saw it all...very awful.......not the first time i see Danny killed in a dream). The worst is that they found a cure and it was all over soon after. Then Nicole Kidman and the man (it could not be the same people because the man eventhough i could not see his face i could see how tall he was and the weight and it was not the same) turned into my parents. We went where Danny was killed and I was about to freak out. It was exactly like it was (street..grass..forest) but it was a dollar store and we were shopping there, my dad was just following and my mom was picking up stuff. Then it was like we were somewhere where we had to do renovations but it was still like the place it was when Danny was killed and the dollar store, my mom was picking tools and working with them. My dad had sit down somewhere but I was about to lose it because we were close to where Danny was killed so before freaking out (i looked at them before leaving wondering how they were not able to remember anything) I left (my dad was looking at me sad...he remembered...my mom was just not remembering at all and was working nonstop). When I arrived at the trees where he was supposed to die I just lost it. I got out of there and saw and went to the place of his death and I was more hysterical then. Suddendly lots of water and tree branches started to wash down in that street and all the blood washed away. I said that I was sorry over and over while crying hysterically and while touching where he died.

The last dream was very short (i still dont know how i was able to fall asleep after that nightmare). It was me realising that I was able to hear the alarm clock, I woke up then saw the time and had that same thought because that was what was about to happen!