I remember two dreams.

I do not remember the start so I have no idea what was going on really but someone was in charge (looked like Cate Blanchett) and Dwayne Johnson wanted to end it all. He ended up with a few other people (not much like 1 or 2) in front of her, she was like on a pedestal with many guards and servants around her. He looked like he was about to get killed when he started laughing (he was smilling from the start i think) and after a while of them all being puzzled about what was funny he stretched his arms both ways pointing to the buildings on each sides and then made the same signal with both hands and a few seconds later people from these buildings started shooting.

That dream too I do not recall the start. It was like the first dream like a war or something was going on. A group of people had made a safe place in a huge building that was going deep underground. A woman was suffering because she had an abortion and they all had to go hide fast suddenly but she could not move because of the pain she was in plus she was bleeding. A man was screaming at her to hurry up and she told him several time that she had an abortion, nobody else was wanting to help they were all running to safety. He finally picked her up (a mix of wanting to help and also wanting to not have their safe place found out) and brought her down to safety. She wanted pain killers and he found something but it was not very effective so she took a syringe and put some poison in it and he said no don't do that and she put it all inside her. For some reason the poison made her feel better.