I remember one dream.

All I remember is that I was downstairs and was going back upstairs but my dad got up so I stayed down waiting for him to at least get out of the bathroom or something else. I woke up from that dream then I heard one of my parents getting up and I thought I heard my dad whine (it was probably in my head or stress from the dream) and then it took my dad or mom a while in the bathroom (looked at the time and it was close to 5:00 i think) and after the flushing of the toilet I did not heard the door and foot steps, I knew it was all in my head but I also knew I would not fall asleep again so I got up, got my bathrobe and went to check it and of course the one who got up to go to the bathroom was back in the bedroom. The stress never ends here (it could of been my dad having another heart attack or mom falling down since she is very ill)!