I remember one dream.

Two people were probably kidnapped somewhere or they did not like where they were. Someone there decided they would be shooters. One was especially good, he was asked to shoot something very far away in between branches that could not even be seen by eyes and he did it. They both entered a competition and one was winning and the other one was jealous. Then that dream turned really weird! The winning person was Dr Phil and he was wearing a suit. He was sweating a lot since he was a good shooter but did not have the stamina to also run for a long time (the competition was to run somewhere and then shoot - repeat until the finish line). He was close to the finish line when a Tennis player (Almagro or Ferrer i think) appeared just wearing a Tennis outfit and of course he was faster. Dr Phil tried running faster, there were a lot of finish lines, the Tennis player crossed the first I think but Dr Phil (again i think) crossed the last. Before waking up I was reading a blog from Rafael Nadal, I could hear his voice like he was the one reading it. I could also hear that when he wrote it he was on the toilet and trying to not make too much noise so that people (there were lots around) would not hear these noises.