I only remember my last dream.

I have no idea but it was in a public place where whales were help captive. The whales were huge, dinosaurs size or even bigger. One was doing the stupid tricks she/he was forced to do (not even in the water...sitting on her/his tail) and I realised that the poor whale was sick. I was able to reach her tooth (i knew this is where the whale was hurt....it was more than obvious but the people did not care at all) and I helped the whale (i had something that i rubbed where it was hurting) and it worked. The whale was very happy (i think he/she then started to eat....dont really remember most of that dream). Then I was at a carnival (maybe the same place as where the gigantic whales were) and I helped a man that had a broken thing (again cannot recall....i think it was a mechanic monkey) and all I remember was that I was able to repair it and the man was happy since this is how he makes money.