I do recall a series of dreams from last night. In one, I saw the actor Ray Liotta working to drag some old junk to the trash bin in an alley as I drove through it. It was behind an antique shop but he and some other workers were tossing out the things that were broken or couldn't be sold. I stopped to tell him not to give up on his acting aspirations as he would soon play the role of great villain.

In another dream, I was in a large apartment and an old friend of the family who worked with some sort of building crew came in to lie right on the ground on his back to stretch out but then he saw a huge nest of spiders in the ceiling. He said he and his company were looking for this nest as it was a major infestation that was plaguing the entire building. Then, some members of his crew came into to climb ladders and take care of this. I haven't seen or talked to this friend for a decade. I was actually closer to his wife, and I miss talking to her. They divorced some time ago, I heard.

In another dream, I was taking a shower in an old hut with old glass windows. Two homeless men who had developmental disabilities looked through the window. They were just looking into the window not at me. In fact, they didn't really see me. But I screeched for my husband and he and my son went out to chase them away but I wanted them to tell the men to wait because I wanted to give them some food. I dried off and grabbed some packaged food but it was too late. I was unhappy that my husband and son had been so forceful and rude (even mean) in the manner that they chased off those two innocent beings.

There were other dreams last night but those are harder to recall now.

As odd as those dreams sound, they do make sense to me.

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