I remember two dreams.

All I remember is Sock Monkey.

That last dream too had a Sock Monkey. All I remember from it is that I woke up and got up before my parents got up and while doing so I took a Sock Monkey with me upstairs. After I flushed the toilet it would not stop flushing so I yelled, I had finished there and had done that without making noise, with the Sock Monkey in one of my hands I lifted the thing to pull on the thing to stop the water, I did that with a lot of noise and without dirtying the Sock Monkey. I then layed the Sock Monkey (still in the bathroom i think - i remember it being probably in the way of my parents when they would get up) then put some things on him (looked like ShamWows in pieces and it was all purple with maybe some that were yellow) to lay him back to sleep. I also remember one Rammstein song playing - it was Buckstabu).