Last night, I had several dreams as I always do but because I woke up rather abruptly, they all faded quickly into the ether.

Interestingly, my daughter shared with me a dream she had last night. We were throwing a big luau which we always do when a baby in the family turns one year old. My deceased mother was there, very happy, bustling about. My daughter and I were busy in the kitchen and serving people as we always do.

However, she said that no one else was happy. Everyone was very tense and upset about this baby coming into the family. Turned out that my niece got pregnant just when she was entering grad school, and this pregnancy was going to derail everything and change her life.

I will let you know if this was a premonition dream or not. If it isn't, the symbols seems to say that the family will not be happy with my niece's new project. Instead of pursuing her intended path, she may end up doing something completely different.