I get those too. There are some dreams where I can (if I really try to) go back in, intentionally. On the other side though, sometimes, it's a dream I don't want to go back into and there's a feeling like the bed sinking or I'm falling down and "Bam" I'm back into it, like it or not. Those are the ones I usually pay attention to the most.

This last dream I had, last night - I dreamed that my husband met a politician. He was mid-aged, brown hair. He had a plaid dress shirt with a blue V-neck sweater over it. The plaid shirt was blue as well as the pants.

In the morning (in real-time) I told him "Oh I had a dream you met this politician and explained the rest."

He said (in real-time), "I did."

I asked him to pull a photo up of the person. It was very similar. The only difference was - well if you look at someone far away, they look smaller. The photo he pulled up was fairly large.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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