I remember three dreams.

My mom had done or/and said something again. I was leaving but then I said to myself no, no more so I came back and started yelling (or i started with just talking) but then I saw that she did not care at all so I started yelling louder and louder going back to my childhood and telling her things that she had done to me, she still did not care.

I or someone else moved into an apartment (i also do not remember if i or that person moved with someone else or more than 1 person). He/she/I asked if painting could be done and the manager said yes but you have and he said a date that was near and it was agreed eventhough that date was near. The apartment was big but the rooms were not, it had lots of hallways. The painting was successfully done by the set date even with all the furniture in the rooms.

Renovations were being made and I had asked that everything was done separately in every rooms except the bedrooms. My thinking was that at least eventhough I was still living with my parents that with would all have our things separately. Something weird by the end was that the toilet had a towel on the seat. I also was making plans on whether to go back to school or not and when to get a job, I was also calculating ahead.