I remember three dreams.

I had my own place and I was babysitting a Macaw. We were on a coach and I was giving him/her some food, when he/she was about to poop I would make sure the pooping would be on the floor which would be easier to clean and that was ridiculous because the food being eaten fell all over the coach and I did not even mind about that.

I won one million dollars and soon after I was on my own but before getting my own place I wanted to make sure that I would have lost of money left to live forever. I wanted a small house built and I got myself an appointment with Mike Holmes and his number one assistant. I told them what I wanted and they told me if I had the money to have it built so how much would be left after. I wanted a somewhat big house but opened, only the bathroom would be closed with walls and the rest all opened without any walls. They were impressed with that idea because it was a first time they heard it but they thought it was cool. I also asked if a big space with no wall would bring problems to the structure and them looking at each others is the last thing I remember.

I was watching a movie. A couple at night entered their car to go back home from the hospital after having their first baby. The baby was six days old. The woman put the baby on her husband and she too was close, it was like they were making a sandwich. The woman fell asleep and when she woke up the baby was gone. She asked where is the baby and when the man realised that he/she was gone he freaked out saying how could this have happened. They went back at the hospital or called the cops, I remember them being in a parking lot and the woman either being approached by a couple or her seeing them and either being drawn to them or thinking they were suspicious. She told them what happened and they did not seem to surprised about it but they were acting like they were. Soon the woman screamed that it was them and a chase started.