Before my breakfast was started I remembered another dream and while I was finishing my juice another.

I had lost one or more of my teddy bears and I had sadly decided to get rid of the rest except for my four favorites. I felt bad about it but I did not feel like it would be fair for the lost ones to keep the others. So I decided to give them to charity. I started asking around who could take more than one hundred teddy bears (+ dolls + etc) and I came up with the idea to give them to an hospital for the sick kids there. I was told that they took these gifts but for each one of them it was the giver who had to give them in person. I was shocked and said how can I do that with more than one hundred and then I explained how hard it was for me because it was like each one was my own child but it was met with a look that said it is like that and it won't change. I then decided to give them elsewhere but I could not find a place. I became more and more frustrated because first it was very difficult for me and also because it was ridiculous that giving to charity should not be hard.

The weather outside started to change. Clouds were darker and the wind was stronger. People thought a storm was coming and everyone started to freak out preparing for it. I or someone else thought that there would not be a storm despite the changed weather.