I remember five dreams.

I was watching the Dallas Stars and I was tired but not that much, I just closed my eyes for a while during some commercials of the first period and when I opened them again I realised that it was the third period. I was horrified to see that and then I saw that on top they had scored two goals.

All I remember is that Hockey players was in it.

I could not find anything good on television, I looked everywhere then would start again looking at every channels or the schedule. Mom was there and wanted to try. That's all I remember.

I was eating my breakfast and dad was watching television (we were in another house). For some reason he went on the channel that was showing Tennis and he then stayed there. I was annoyed because I had decided not to follow the sport anymore. When the announcers said that Rafael Nadal was coming up I told him that I was not watching that sport anymore and that it would be nice that he would change the channel before he came on. He continued watching like he was mesmerized almost but it was evident he was doing that on purpose and that he would not change the channel.

A woman was pregnant and her partner was a woman. They were afraid that most people would judge but they did not. The pregnant lady called her mom to announce the news and then her girlfriend was the one who talked to the mom.