I remember three dreams.

I was trying to enter these forums but I had troubles which were mainly me not clicking on the right things or me clicking on the sides.

Me and my parents had lost our house and we had each 500000$ (my parents had that sum and me too - it was not 3 way). We were looking at houses, I was the one choosing where and which ones to visit. Also I was the one imagining what kind of renovations to do if we would get it (1 places needed a lot of renovations but once was a great house [when in the bathroom i realised after saying what could be done there that i was sitting on the toilet in front of them all actually trying to go #2 so i tried to sit up like it was normal and i did not go] and in another place a couple was living there and at the end they offered wine which we accepted - i drank some eventhough i do not drink alcohol and liked it but my parents i knew they would not even drink 1 sip - 1 thing the couple said made me laugh while i was drinking and some of the wine ended up on the floor underneath the chair of the man - i wanted to go wipe it but i was too shy and i knew that they knew). I suddenly realised that I had the money to get away from them and also that the reason why they were letting me do this (it was apparent they were not happy with my choices) is that they just wanted us to stay together to keep on driving me crazy so I told the agent to find me something for me and they were shocked and I told them to just not think about our family dynamic to think about my age and them at that age still living with their parents, it of course did not enter in their brains and I told them that I would get my own place away from them and they won't know where. They were not happy about it. So I was planned my exit which was get the few things that was left of my things and secretly go in a motel away from them to then get my own place without them knowing and I did it.

I got up a while after dad and was shocked to find him eat his breakfast with mom with the television closed.