Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember (barely especially the second) two dreams.

I was back to my old house (cant remember if i bought it or just rented it for a while but i was without my parents). Early morning I went for a walk and decided to go to the park (went there a lot when i was young but less and less after...i even stopped myself from going there because of shyness). It was still mostly dark. I looked around to see if the entrance was still at the same place then entered and went straight to my favorite place there (simple swings) but a security guard stopped me and wanted to know if I lived there and then to show proof. I said that that was screwed up, that it was a park and anyone could come here.

I along with a few people were on the run. We stopped at a truck stop to change the car and our outfit. I saw a display of an Archie comic book, I broke the window and cut some pieces then put them on my clothes. Then I was either in the army or police, we were attacked or about to be attacked and I was in charge (i think i became in charge by choice because everyone was panicking and noone was). Then I was in the backseat of a car with other people, Bruce Willis was driving. More and more I was becoming less in charge so he made a speech for me then we started having sex.