Spent nine hours and thirtynine minutes in bed. Had a bad night. Remember four dreams (probably not in all that order...dont remember much of them and they were all weird).

I was trying to schedule the month that was coming up. I wanted ti change my email and keep it for fours weeks and then change again. I decided to try small cakes that I could eat that did not countain nuts and went with the four types they had, six cakes per boxes meant six days per weeks to relax (and eat 1 of those cakes) and the other days of the weeks were for important things I had to do.

A man was going out with a woman and everyone thought that relationship would not last because he was living in a small town (he was made fun of by someone saying he had like 2 small shops and then he had to drive like 1 hour for more that were barely bigger...then we were in that like 1 hour...it was weird...looked like a huge mall but it was small shops selling cheap things) but he was not scared at all because he knew what they had were true love. The people think that at the least theyw ould have a long distance relationship but turns out she moved there to be with him.

A couple went somewhere for a vacation. It was a bed in breakfast but they rented a barn for themselves, it was big and had many beds win which they decided to try one per night. It even had a computer with the internet.

I had to get away from somewhere. I don't remember what or who was coming (dont remember much...it came back when i was typing the previous dream). It was a hard escape but I did it. I also remember a few other people and one at least I had to bring and at a time it looked like I could not bring that person and at another time it looked like I would not make it.