I remember two dreams (it will be more difficult to write them [lately almost all have been not only weird but me also forgetting parts of them] today because this morning this website [along with most of the other things that i do before my breakfasts!!!!!!!!!!] was not working).

A young man was at Judge Judy, he was not a criminal and had done nothing wrong but he was living with his parents still and had no job and was not going to school so she was not happy with him and let him know. He assured her that he was about to go to school and when he had a job he was doing it perfectly and would do the same when he would get another one and he even maybe would work too when going back to school.

I was either at a cooking school or a cooking show when they announced Gordon Ramsay and I was shocked then started freaking out when he appeared. I had cooked something along with the others and when it was my turn he loved it so this of course made me freak out even more. He was very nice to me and gave me at least one hug.