I only remember three dreams (ironically the dream that i remembered the most when i got up was the first and now i dont remember anything from it).

In one I was outside with just a tee-shirt and it was cold but I decided to walk anyway. When I realised that I was far from my house I called my dad's cell phone to ask where my parents were (they had gone to Rimouski) and they were close to home so I asked them to come and pick me up. I was freezing so much in that dream that I could feel the cold.

In another one I was in the car with my parents and we were going somewhere. I saw a huge shopping mall and asked if we could stop there for just a little while, they agreed and I shopped there. I was taking a long time and eventhough my parents were not following me I could feel that they were mad at me for taking my time.

In another one Vin Diesel was there. Someone was talking about him like he was not there and it was very insulting what he was saying, Vinny was getting very angry.