I remember two dreams.

I was alone for a few hours but before noon which was less than three hours after the time my parents were supposed to be in Ste-Florence I heard them coming back, I was disappointed because of not only it did not gave me a lot of peace time but also because I had got up not too long ago. Turns out it was my sister and they were still there (in real life i have no sister). I was still sad that I was not alone anymore but she was not like my parents. We talked a little and I returned to my morning routine so I could at least do that without them in the house (it did not look at all like any house we have had).

I got a new air bed that looked and felt like a water bed. One day I decided to stay in bed longer and I heard a pop sound and it started leaking. I thought oh no I just had a few days left to use an air bed before sleeping on a real bed. I got up, added more air then got back in and I heard another time that same sound and it again was leaking air but I could also hear the air coming out. I got up again and added more air then I looked at the instruction (that bed had a few buttons) and one it said that it would get more air in the bed and make sure that it would not leak again (it was not in the instructions it was the name of the button) so I shrugged and clicked that button and it did that. I did not want to try it in case it did not last long and I again looked at the instructions to find something about that button and there were no mentions of it.