I remember two dreams.

I was at the dentist for a cleaning and before leaving I was told that since there would probably be a snow storm for my next appointment that it should be canceled for another day but it was not changed when I left. On the day it was supposed to be on I had another appointment in Rimouski and my dad was driving. We drove past the dentist before coming back home so I asked him to stop there so I could ask when my appointment would be. I entered a few minutes after my appointment was supposed to be on. I said that nobody had called yet to tell me of my when it was supposed to be and they were all acting shocked. The hygienist came in and I told her the same thing and she said that my appointment stayed the same but she went and talked to the dentist and she told me that I still could get it done today since my appointment was for something that lasted less than ten minutes. I grimaced and said that that was not a good idea because my dad was already on edge and that he would be very angry if it took a while before I came back to the car. It was just an excuse for me since I did not want to see a dentist that day but then I looked outside when they were finding me a spot for another day and my dad had left the car and was walking in circles. When I finally had my appointment I was scared that the dentist was angry at me and he wasn't but I apologised when I saw him.

I heard that Shumi was okay. It was just announced that he was able to breathe by himself like he was going to be paralysed for life but when they showed the helicopter he was in I could see him sitting, talking and driving it. Nobody else apparently had seen that and they were amazed that he was still alive but thought that he could never have a normal life.