Had less than eight hours in bed, it took me a while to fall asleep and I woke up about two hours before my alarm clock went on (said to mylsef that i should get up since i was completely awake and itb felt like i would not fall asleep again...i of course did and was wondering what was that when the alarm clock went on). I only remember a few things of one dream (i was having a dream when the alarm clock woke me up...all i remembered after waking up from it was that it was stupid).

I was part of a crew that had to go underground to a scientist or/and army building to see what was going on. There were weird things all over the place, we could see it in some places growing and even in some places trying to touch us. We arrived in a dark room with many desks where soldiers were and they were dead. It was like they were frozen there. One who had a phone in one hand started moving, I screamed (or said) that one was alive.