I remember two dreams.

Michael Schumacher was there and he was in Formula One. Not a lot of people were talking about him except most of those rare times to laugh at him or to say he had no chance. I was for one race angry at those people and before the race I went to see Sebastian Vettel to give him a hug then I came back to Shumi, everyone who saw that stupidly thought that I was a traitor.

I went to see a new aesthetician, they gave me a formula to write down information about myself. I had arrived about ten minutes before my appointment which normally is enough for me but for some reason eventhough it was not a lot of questions and that they were not hard I had a hard time answering them. Either I could barely understand them or not at all or I would write something else than what I wanted to write or it was not readable. The secretary kept looking at me and the aesthetician would come by often and when I finally was done I was late but eventhough they were still opened it was like they had left or were not doing their appointments anymore, the television was at Golf (do not remember if it was on or there before that point) which meant it was too late for me.