Yesterday a dream came back to me during the afternoon but I forgot about it then remembered it again before going to bed and I still remember it.

All I remember is that I was looking at some things or somewhere and I saw something that had some red on it, I asked my mom what it was and she said a scarf and moved it so I could see.

I remember one dream.

It was me or someone else in the army. We were in a mission and towards the end only me or the other person and the man in charge was left. We were on a train or a subway. The man in charge was going crazy and me or the other person realised it and made believe I/he/she would follow the orders but when he did not look me/him/her was able to hide. The man then tried to find the person he thought was a traitor, it came close but he never find his traitor. The hiding place was under the train or subway, it looked like an abandoned house. There were a lot of holes so stressful to hide there.