Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

I was living in what looked a medium town, it was surrounded by nature. I was outside on a beautiful day and suddendly I knew that we would all be attacked by dogs, not wild dogs but our own dogs. I tried to warn everyone very fast but they did not believe me. So I ran as fast as I could in the woods and in the mountains where I had left my bike, I knew they were fast but I figured that if I had started before they attacked then I had a chance to make it to the nearest town. I picked up my bike (i could hear people scream by then and the dogs attacking) and then I went as fast as I could without stopping once. I made it and went directly to the town's cop station. I was out of breath and I was trying to explain everything as fast as I could. Everyone except for the police's chief did not believe me. When the dogs arrived there and started attacking me, the chief and another man were the only people who made it out and to safety, it was an old shed full of stuff but only two small windows and one door to block. After a while we heard a dog crying in pain, I knew it was mine. I wanted to go out and see him, the two men tried to stop me, they said that he was faking because he had to be with the other dogs but I knew it was not the case. Simon (from American Idol) was outside in a bathing suit tanning himself, he knew he was surrounded and would be dead soon but he acted like he did not care. He was laying in rocks, near him was water and not too far there was a boat (his yacht) and an island. My dog was attacked by the other dogs and then used as bait for me, they knew I was the one who knew they would do that. I went outside, most of the dogs were hiding. They left me alone and I slowly made it to the island where my dog was, he was laying on the ground hurt and in pain and surrounded by the leading dogs. Then they decided it was Simon's turn, he accepted it and asked to go to his yacht for one last time to use the water sleds (or whatever its called in the water parks), the dogs accepted. So he went on his yacht and went to the top and started to go down, he had a vision of what would come of him but he figured that he would have fun on his yacht before so it would be a nice death. The sleds were very long and there were many, when he was about to go down the last one Andy Roddick appeared from out of nowhere and grabbed his left arm and told him he would be okay, he was dressed almost like a ninja. He pulled him still holding his left arm and before they started going to safety Simon said yeah and I at least will have a left dislocated shoulder.