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I had a curious dream last week that I've been meaning to share. I babysit my grandnephew a few days a week to help my nephew and his wife. He is an adorable child, so precious! I love to care for him. I dreamed that there was a very small (one foot high) black elephant standing at the foot of his bassinet. A very brief blip of an image.

The interp: This one is easy to interp since it is my dream and I know my waking life situation. Anyway, there has been some hushed concerns over the possibility that something might be wrong with the baby. There have been some small "signs" that could indicate anything from neurological problems to Autism. But they are small symptoms that could be nothing at all so no one wants to call it out just yet. It's just too early.

Isn't it interesting how our dreams/subconscious mind works?

Lori, you do SO MUCH! I don't know if you realize just how much your Being is not only capable of, but offers for the collective and greaterness of good and wellness of being.

I DO feel you're straight on! As you mention, analyzing dreams of one's OWN nature...well, those can pretty much act as "GUIDE-POSTS!" Which is why I recommend journals!

The bassinet and the Elephant in the room and the "blackness" of the only 1-ft-high measurement...well, to me what comes through is (smile) where YOU come in smile

Autism? I've never understood the dilemma of such a thing. I understand it's "different" however and this feels important:

Does a person understand which "portion" of the brain is actually acting out w/in an Autistic adult and/or child?

I've been referred to both actually. My brain for whatever reason speaks in pictures, something people pay millions to watch for entertainment and/or distraction.

When I'm w/an autistic individual...my brother happens to be one, but from child to adult - they're (to ME anyway) seem to be operating on a different "wire-line." I don't have the right word.

So w/this dream specifically...though there may be "concern" of a hushed or frightening aspect. To me - what comes through is just, well - it's an (as you say) "Elephant in the room" however the tar-like substance is that of an outward perspective.

In YOUR care - at least for now what comes through is that of a gift in which you, actually are quite familiar with in various ways and can communicate in a different way than most can with a child in such a possibility.

Basically, thought. Children today are more and more Sensitive and quite advanced. Project images - especially with my own personal experiences...as they grow up they become quite frustrated.

But w/a "LINK" to their own kind? They're almost a divining-rod. Divine-ing rod wink

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