O.K. One more post and I'm off to watch a pleasant movie or soundwave to try and fall asleep to.

The dream I had last night, made me depressed all day.

Nothing could get me out of it...

Anywhoo, I was in a mental institution. My mom was there, I was visiting and my brother was there as a patient.

He was in a wheelchair and I was pushing him. He didn't care about anything anymore, basically waiting to die.

The hospital or whereever he was at was serving this food. It was really gross...like litterally the government had them grind up fruit and bugs and basically what we know as pickle-loaf??? Is that the right word? You can get it in an oscar myer package along with some other meats.

Anyway, everyone was walking or siting around just dead...

But the meat or sandwhiches is what bothered me the most.

Like what the GV tried before didn't work. People "woke up" so to or what they tried to do to save money, and to get get nutrients to people they started blending waste??????

Anyway, in the dream my brother didn't have underwear on and just a gown. He had a tray and the stuff that looked like salami was turning grey, so - well it was a place for the elderly/mentally disturbed.

I was mad because in the dream I knew fruit ground up or not, is like gross...no one wanted or was inspired to eat it, especially in meat. Soy would have beeen better,but this was like to get grant money they had to do this and it tasted awful.

Then I woke up...yeah...I don't get much sleep even when I do, lol smile

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