I remember three dreams.

I was shopping with my parents in a huge shopping mall. A store in particular was interesting me. It was small but they had nice clothes and the people working there were nice. I actually did not buy anything the first time but came back in there. Two things I wanted but I knew it would be wasted money since I would either never wear it or just a little. I went back there a third time and when I was coming out I saw a new coat they had, it was a high price but such a pretty coat. I immediately tried it but the small size was too big and a woman helped me try the very small size and it fit perfectly. That's all I remember besides me walking around the shopping mall.

I was watching Chopped. The last round was now twenty minutes. One of the two contenders was doing a cheesecake and every of her/his components was done but she/he did not have the time to put it all together so that person just decided not to put anything on the plates. They tasted the other person's desert and then asked the person who did not finish to go ahead and finish so they could taste it anyway but it would not count. That person did it then the judges tasted it and they loved it. The judging was done anyway but that person who did not finish was judge on just the first two dishes.

I was on Chopped. I made the final and did a cheesecake (there too it was just 20 minutes the last round) and the judges were loving it and were also surprised I had done this all in just twenty minutes.