I remember two dreams.

We had bought a new house. It was big and in front of a small forest and behind was a body of water. I saw that a small fire had started at one small part of the forest, I looked at it through several window freaking out and wondering why nobody was doing anything about it (a few at least knew) and I told mom when I saw her and I told her when she started freaking out that they would stop it soon but it grew very big and then the firefighters came but it was just one and he had to pump the water that seemed to come out of a tube of metal. I was like what the hell is that. Me and my parents started to get the most we could because we knew we were about to again lose our things in a fire.

I was kidnapped and heard one of the person holding me captive coming so I decided to act like I was still sleeping. It was a man and he believed me but he started to make some noise soon after coming in the room to wake me up. Soon a woman who was one of the person holding me captive came and screamed that they were under attack. I think that I tried running away and if I did I cannot remember if it was before of after the woman screamed. I remember chaos and some not wanting to fight. Everyone was dirty and wearing black including me. We seemed to be in a desert or it was after a big disaster that left the world like that.