I remember one dream.

It was a new movie of Fast And Furious. In it Mia was not much in it, she just appeared for like one or two minutes and was played by another actress (the scene was her dressed in a wedding dress for apoliging to Dominic). Brian was there and it was Paul Walker but he was kept in the dark which he knew and finally in the middle of something big he had followed and comforted Dom and the rest of the group. Dwayne Johnson was there too but I cannot remember if he was in Dom's group or not. Letty was there too but her too I cannot recall in which group she was. Asia Argento was there and she was her XXX character and she was a part of Dom's group. I think I was there too. There was a lot of action but I cannot really remember what exactly was going on, I have a flashback of a black car flying and maybe going what seemed like a building underground.