I remember two dreams.

I had just finished watching a new movie so I went on my computer to write a review. About the same time dad came back with some restaurant but I wanted to finish this before eating. He of course immediately opened the television and went straight to a dubbed movie so I took my things and went to another room. I realised soon after starting the review in another room that I did not get the title right so I corrected my mistake then soon after I saw there was another one then another. So I started screaming and freaking out because I could not even write correctly the title of a movie. Both my parents did not react.

All I remember is that my bladder was about to explode (it made me wake up in real life and i realised it was like that so i looked at the time and after seeing i had 4 more hours to go i said to myself that i should go to the bathroom and minutes later thats what i did).