I remember three dreams.

My mom went to a hair dresser appointment. The secretary asked her questions about it when she was paying (i was with her) and one of the questions was did you like the product she put in your hair after, she said she did not do that, the secretary said she was supposed to then brought mom to the one who cut her hair. She put just a little bit of the product is a tiny amount of hair and said okay that is done. My mom did not even want that thing on her hair so she went back to the entrance. She was also supposed to take an appointment for another hair cut in a few months but she was having doubt now.

I (that dream may of been dreamed last) decided to start sleeping in my bed but I really was not ready for this yet so I did not finish the bed with my complete bedding. I used the sheet that goes on the mattress but only to put myself in it, like a mummy, in my head if I would not touch (in my head it was not touching the mattress) the mattress I was not really in it. I did have though my comforter and that touched the mattress.

A nuclear bom exploded where I lived. Luckily the past years I had built a huge shelter. It had electricity and everything else needed to survive for years. I was able to go there without anyone knowing about this shelter just in time. The next day I wanted to go see what was going on so I just a suit on and went outside. It was really a nuclear blast that happened but people were still outside, they were going to die from it but I was wondering why there were so many people left and how they looked okay. I had brought a gun with me so I continued. People were looking at me funny with that suit, I was starting to get nervous then scared. I went into a few stores that were empty (the more i walked the less people there were until there were none). I put a CD on in a store for dancing and looking around. I wanted to bring a few things with me but of course did not since it was all tainted. I was able to come back to my shelter without being followed. I went through all the procedures to get all that nuclear blast off me then went back inside. I could see myself having fun all over that huge shelter.