I remember three dreams.

Vin Diesel was his character from Fast & Furious. He was depressed because his girlfriend (Michelle Rodriguez) had been killed a while ago (had the impression it had been at least months), he was letting himself go in a depression. While out in what seemed to be a casino someone approached him and said that she was alive, before he had the time to react he was shows proof that she was. He was just livid and went on a search for her. When he got her she tried to flirt while he was exploding on her and he then said why would I be with you when you tried to kill me.

Kevin the character from The Leftovers was in a new city and he had started again to sleepwalk and do things in that state. Soon after people started to do that too. One teenage male while in that state went to a popular and dangerous kid's house and started to damage his car. Friends came out and tried to stop him but he was still in the state, when he woke up from it he was shocked and did not know what had happened. His two best friends were there, a brother and sister. She said that he could go hide in their cottage in the middle of nowhere, at the first the brother hesitated but after his sister talked him into it he gave the instructions to get there which were very long and complicated, the boy was still in a daze but he got a bike and arrived there successfully. One day of the week the family went there so the six days he would be careful to not leave a trace and then go hide outside either in the woods or in a mine near there. One of the time they went there he had almost no energy left and instead of using it to go hide outside the family's property he used a rope to lift himself up in the shed. The sister made sure (she spotted him first - its like she knew it when the family arrived there) that her parents would not go there and when it was safe the two friends talked to him. The brother was angry and said that he should of went hiding in the old abandoned mine, his friend said you do not know how it is like in there especially at dark he then explained how he was sick and tired he replied yeah right you had the energy to do that with a rope but not walk somewhere.

I wanted to masturbate (like a LOT) but when I closed my bedroom door (i was in my Saint-Hubert house and my brother was alive) I realised when I was about to start that my door was not completely shut so I went there fast and saw that it still would not be completely shut so I moved to another room where it was completely safe but I also wanted music to play like in my bedroom so I was hurrying up trying to find something nice and put it on so I could finally masturbate.