I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that the woman who played the mother and the girl who played the young girl in the original Poltergeist were in it.

I remember me walking back home and my brother and at least one friend waiting for me back home to prank me in a bad way but I was walking very sadly not even looking around so my brother or/and the friend/s decided to stop that. When I arrived back home there was music extremely loud and I entered the house holding my ears and grimacing and they/he entered right behind me running and closed it saying sorry (that was louder than music shows). Then or before Michael Biehn was there has a friend of my brother or a part of a group of street punks. He or I was being friendly with him/myself. I ended up in a room with him and his gang and we were closed to kissing then we kissed, I was going to accept his lifestyle but a guy from the gang asked him to show me what one of his arm tattoo did and he showed me by pouring water on the arm and the water was like shots were being fired by the gun tattoo. He was looking sad and I started crying and left. I also remember the two brothers of Home Alone being there somewhere unless it was another dream.

I asked my parents for the number of one of cousin to put it on my cell phone, the reasoning was just in case. I wanted to call him to be sure I had put the right number in my list but I was too shy plus I did not have anything to say so I did not do that.