I was in bed for less than nine hours. It took me again a while to fall asleep but it was less time than the previous days, also when I woke up it was for a few minutes or seconds instead of longer. I remember a dream but basically only what it was about.

It was Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin but in their 30 Rock characters. Liz had just a short time to get somewhere and Jack came with her but not for the same reasons than her. The driver had to follow a street named South something, on the left and on the right there were other streets. I remember their street had lines on it like they should not be driving on it but the car they were in was not the only car that was driving there. I remember the driver almost driving off and something big (i think an ambulance...i also think that ambulance had its lights and siren on) and her saying no and it cutting right in front of them and Jack laughing.