We were living in Saint-Hubert (moved there when i was 6...its about an half hour from Montreal).

My dad started doing that here about two or three years ago and my mom last year. At first my dad was doing that like a normal person but the past months he really looks like a maniac about to blow up when he does it. It's annoying most of the times but when he does it out of the blue seconds after exploding in rage (which he does often) it is scary. Also he does it after making my mom stressed, angry or cry which show that he is heartless since when he does it he sounds happy comparing of the other times. He also loves to do that after making things worst for us (i think in his head he only hurts my mom [he never hurts me face to face since i dont let him like my mom does] but of course when we cant pay bills or things like that he too is hurt....the last time was when he freaked out because our nice neighbor is helping us out with something, my mom left all stressed out then he went to the basement all happy but he soon realised that dinner was coming then he was angry because she did not come back to make him his food).

The thing that causes me the most pain is my parents. They actually are good for providing material things (dont know why since they never could balance a budget so the stress of will we have enough food and will we pay our bills and will we keep our house was always there) but that is it. My mom can actually see things that other people do wrong but do not dare say to her that she does that too because it's not true. My dad when other people are around is another person completely, appearances are important to him.

I live in a nut house and I am sadly becoming one myself. At least I see it so I can do something about it, if I don't it would be my own fault like it was my own fault to come here and end up with no money (which they stole by the way...my mom said when i comfronted her that they did not steal it and i had to tell her that when you borrow money and never pay it back it IS stealing [everytime my dad would hide and my mom would ask...when she asked for the last thousand and my dad was hiding in the basement was when i realised that they would never pay me back] im to blame there too...yes my depression was back but its no excuse to see that they could of never pay back 16000).