I remember one dream.

I was reading an email from an online friend and she was describing in it a travel by car she was having and while I was reading I could actually see her do the things she had written about. She mentioned that since she was on the road that she could come visit me and I was not very comfortable with that since we never have met before. So I did not answer her and inviting an old friend of mine and her parents and they accepted. When they arrived I saw that Toby a neighbor's Golden Retriever was near so I called him over and he met all three of them. Not long after me and Brigitte went walking (i invited them to go see the place and her parents choosed to stay behind), we ended up in the entrance of what looked to be a cave but there was a blanket covering the entrance so we of course thought it was weird and against our better judgment we entered. We thought it might be drug dealers and we were right, we checked it out a little while and we got out. The people who used that cave came but after we had gotten out and we heard them come and were able to find a place to hide, when they were inside we went away.