I remember one dream.

I was in a university and we had to write a big thesis on something. We had what seemed the entire history or a big part of it to find a subject. I was on the passenger seat of a car driven by my dad when while looking outside I saw someone from my school so I asked him to stop then when she was near the car I said hi she said hi and I asked her if she wanted a ride and she said yes and she entered the car thanking us both. I asked her what she had picked and she told me then she asked about me and I told her, I showed her and she showed mine. I was not happy about the subject and the teacher asked me why I had choosen that subject and I told him that this is what had appeared in my head when I was trying to find a subject and that after I just could not choose so I just went with it. Then I could see hundred if not thousand of years ago (do not know if it was us talking about that then me and/or him imagining that time or me watching a documentary or me being there), it was beautiful (huge temple). There was a kind of a monster in the water (my subject) but the dream focused on the people of that time instead, a group wanted the person in charge out of power so their plan they came up with was to humiliate him so he could lose his power. They took pictures of him and made it came out, the man in question the agreed to pay them so the others would not come out (or they just told him they had the pictures and none came out - made that dream with less than 30 minutes before my alarm clock wen on so it was short) but that was a trap. The group were waiting for their money and the group with the money that were soldiers were there.