I slept well last night. I did wake up twice but it was not abruptly and for a very short time each times. I was very tired too so maybe that is why I do not remember my dreams, I was too busy just sleeping smile.

I want to reveal all my changes when it will all be done so (right now im not actually doing anything except being lazy for a while then ill start working on myself) it is mostly because my parents are awesome with killing my dreams and hopes but also because when I talk about something it usually end up not working out or me giving up. I actually started a few months ago not going along with my parents so this at least is getting better. The part about the big man cannot be about anxieties of the opposite sex because I actually like men more than I do women. I do loathe the way Valentine's Day is and all the other holidays, it is more about money than the actual holiday. I would love to be in a relationship but I will not go out with the first man available, I always said that I would preffer to be alone forever than to be with someone who is a jerk or worst.

I also loved your interpretation about hallways, especially the last sentence!

Once again thank you,