I remember two dreams.

It was children and adults being kidnapped by a sick psychopath. He mostly had children that he kidnapped when very young so that he could brought up thinking that everything with him was normal. He rarely kidnapped adults, when he did it was to torture and kill them. For children he kept them to do what he wanted with. He had two young boys, one who barely could walk and another who looked like he was five years old. The older boy showed something to the younger boy, it was a wall that he stripped the paper that was on to show what was beneath, the oldest was talking but gibberish. At the same time the psychopath had kidnapped a woman, she woke up tied up in a sitting position, she had her mouth opened by something and not too long after she woke up terrified he put his male genital in her mouth. Everytime she would move her head something would come close to her head to crush it, she realised that not too soon after. But of course he made sure she would move and slowly after a while she started to get her head crushed, at the end she just decided to move until she was dead because there was no way out and it was very painful.

It was a commercial with the singer of Aerosmith. It was a new toy by Crayola, with it in addition of coloring you could learn mathematics. In the commercial after showing it he started playing it and acting like he was learning.