I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that Tom cruise was in it and he was standing perplexed by a man that he was supposed to be scared of but was not.

I went to my eye doctor to pick up my glasses, she gave me the case and told me I had to swallow a pill, I was shocked and opened the case and in addition of my glasses a huge green pill was in there. She told me that it was for something else to add on my glasses so that it would work better for my hypermetropia and I told her that I could not do it because I do not swallow pills. She was angry and she made sure anyway that my glasses fit well and all the while I was scared that she would force me that pill. My parents were there too. Then a man came in. I tried on something that the doctor said that it would be like I had took the pill, I could not see well at all with that thing on. The man ended up taking the pill and he was freaking out, like a panic attack but it was getting worst.