I remember three dreams.

Somehow I became a friend of Metallica (in the "old" days meaning nineties since this is when i became a friend - the spirit of Brigitte who became a friend because she too was a fan was in that dream but i do not remember seeing her). They decided to give me gifts because I was always so sad. They first gave me an enveloped and in it there was a first row ticket for a Rammstein show (did not know them then and i think their first album came a few years after i first became a Metallica fan which by the way i hate their music since Jason left the group) and I broke down from joy and I was either before or/and after the show would meet them. Then they gave me a car that was electric because I care about the environment and they wanted me to have a car so I can start driving again. Sadly that dream changed and I was with my parents (for a moment at the start my brother was there which was nice) and they were looking at the car. At the end the car was parked at near the end of a street where we lived (St-Hubert) and my mom wanted to go get it, there were so much people near the streets and on the streets I told her that I would get it since her eyes were not as good anymore. To get there (it was like 1 or 2 street corner away) I went on a bicycle but I could not really paddle because of all the people so I mostly went forward with my feet on the ground pushing like that. People were almost laughing at me because of this and I remember saying once that I am not good at biking slowly but good at biking fast.

Like real life people were complaining about Tom Cruise. They were criticising his private life and his carreer life. Then something happened where people were in danger and were dying and he went and got his children and while people were criticising him for that someone explained that he had a company that were saving people and he was doing that not only with his kids but other people too.

This dream just came back to me, I have no idea when I dreamed it except that I know it was not the last. All I can remember is a grocery store.