I remember one dream.

Two men were lost in a forest in Winter. One of them (Leo in TR) was hurt from a Bear that was after them. They were left alone by that Bear for a while and before he or she came back they made a plan, the hurt man told the other to go hide in a tree near him and then when sure to jump and hit the Bear the strongest he could on the head and immediately start running. The other man was not too sure but the other said it was the only way for one to survive, he said a bullet would be better but the other had the only gun remaining and he had no bullets left. He went up a tree (before he told the injured man that he would send help for him in case he was still alive) and he plan at first was to use the shotgun as a weapon but he remembered a knife he had and that is what he decided on using. The Bear came back and slowly went to the injured man, with precision and patience the man in the tree waited until he was sure he would hit the head and then jump and put the knife right on the top of the head of the Bear and immediately started to run. There was a lot of snow so he could not run fast but he did not stop. He ended up where a small patch of the forest had no trees, he stopped there and looked around to make sure the Bear was not there waiting to get him in the middle and he went under the snow and swam a little bit then started to run again when he went back on his feet. He saw that a road was near and then a jeep or suv drove by very fast, he screamed and jumped and moved around to get their attention without believing it would work since he was so far from the street and also due to the trees and when he stopped believing they would be gone soon (he cursed himself for the few seconds he had stopped because he would of been closer to the street) the car that was going very fast with two men in the front seat stopped and turned around and came back (that street turned so it was like an angle) and they both looked at him and opened a door for him. He ran there and screamed to go (this is where i woke up - terrified).