I remember two dreams.

I went to a new aesthetician. The boss of that place was Steve Wilkos. That place for hair removal were not using wax, they were shaving and saying that by their method after that we could shave all over our bodies and never get ingrown hair and end up itching. So me and a woman asked to be shaved everywhere except our head. We finished at about the same time. Steve told us thank you for coming to his place then said goodbye, he started his goodbye with the other woman but he kept touching her with his face then they ended up on the floor and it was like he was trying to have sex with her and playing with a Dog at the same time.

I was either in nature or watching a nature program or someone was talking to me about nature and I was seeing what they/she/he were saying. Chris Pratt was either there or was on the program or was talked about. The conversation was about Dinosaurs and a woman who I think was Anna Faris was saying that Chris had a sister who her talent was to draw Dinosaurs and she was sure that there was a Bear of some sort during that time and that they looked almost identical to how they look now.