I had four dreams last night and I can only remember three of them.

The first was that me and my parents were supposed to run some errands in Amqui (about 20 minutes from here) the next day (its actually what well do tomorrow) so I asked my mom at what time we would leave and she said after 7:00 so I mentioned to her that by the time we'd get there it would not be 8:00 yet and that here most things open at 9:00 or 10:00 and she could not understand that at all, in her head everything would be opened.

The third was me going to the beach but the beach was actually my old house. For me deciding to go there and actually be there was really hard because I hate being in new places (never been to a beach) and I hate being where there's lots of people. I was acting normal like everyone and doing things that the people there were doing and everyone were either looking at me like I was crazy or laughing at me and that sadden me so much but it was not showing.

The last dream was me finally moving out on my own. I moved and then I was setting my place up. It kept on changing from where I was living from the size of the appartment to the furnitures and the decorations. My parents appeared and they looked like they were living there, at first I thought they were just visiting but then it was like they were living there and that made me angry because I was again living with my parents. I remember being in a car (i think my dad was driving and i think my mom was there too) and looking in the windows and I did see Rob Stewart in one appartment (i like some of his songs but thats it...i was surprised to see him then surprised that he lived in a small simple appartment where i too was living) and I was able to see all his appartment and I then thought that the plan of the appartment was just perfect.

Now I also remember me being in the backseat of my dad's car and him driving around. I had Gagou with me (a cabbage patch doll) and at first he was in my arms but I realised that people could see him and I became ashamed then hid him then was feeling guilty about that. Then the three others (a teddy bear named Ti-Pit a stuffed duck named Coin Coin and an Elmo) appeared. That dream could of been my second or it could be the end of my fourth dream, I'm really not sure.