I remember two dreams.

Me and another man (if it was not Dwayne Johnson it was someone else that was huge with dark skin and tattoos) looked at each others and soon after went into a room and then it was like a contest of who would undress the fastest and then we jumped on each others and had have sex.

I entered a small Tennis tournament for women. None of the big players were there but still at my age and with just having started to play it was something huge and I even got to the Final. Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal and Lleyton Hewitt were my coaches (and maybe 1 more player). I was out of breath and close to many cramps but I was holding on. The whole world seemed to be watching and amazed by what I was doing and about to do, they were also thinking that I could even continue and even enter a grand slam. But during the last game it started to rain and when I only had one point to win the person in charge there decided to stop until it would stop. People in the stands started to exit the stadium without wanting to come back, the same thing with people watching on television and on the internet. Then the television channels even in Canada decided to not wait until the re-start of the match and the internet were giving that impression too. All the excitement people had for me were gone like that.