I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I was taking off nail polish on all my nails and the first nail I did was an hand nail and most of it was gone and the rest almost all of it was peeled off.

I looked at the time when in bed and saw that it was very late (not afternoon night) and I thought that it was impossible, I knew I had been in bed for a long time but not that much.

I went walking with mom in a forest, we ended up far. Before going back I saw a Lynx so I stayed behind to watch, mom was afraid and I told her there was nothing to be scared about. Then another big cat appeared, at first he/she looked like a Cougar then a Snow Leopard. I started to be nervous with two predators around but when I saw the first Wolf at first I was excited to see one but then when the others appeared I was scared, I made signs to mom and said with a very low voice to go very slowly without making any noises. That's all I remember.