I remember one dream.

It was Will Smith in his character from I Am Legend. He was in a beat up car with lots of things in it but Sam was not with him. He arrived at a huge place with many buildings and people were there. On the other side of the streets from the buildings there were fields of (mainly of dust) where people were playing. Someone came up to Robert and introduced himself while the people playing all waved and he was told that he was welcomed. He was then shown the place. There were a restaurant, a few stores and he was told that they all had their private room and that there were some available and that he could choose which one he wanted. Then Robert asked about the security because he did not see anything that would show that there were any security there. The man went outside and told him that sometimes some of them were killed by the zombies and he showed the way the zombies entered, took people and went away, he explained that like it was normal. Robert did not say anything and continued looking around telling himself that since night was coming he had not choice (though he did think about just driving all night long) and he ended up looking at a mountain near one of the buildings where they had set up a blanket, he was about to say to the man that it was stupid since there were many trees and that they could walk around these mountains even during the day because there were lots of darkness in there when a dog started to bark while looking where the blanket was and suddendly all the animals in the mountain screamed and everything was silent, Then it was dark and of course all hell broke loose.