I remember three dreams.

I had won fifty millions dollars. I immediately decided to spend the upcoming Dallas Stars season in Dallas with season tickets so I bought the tickets, rented a house near the arena and made all the other arragements I needed to make for that. While doing the last phone call (travel plans) mom was pushing my buttons and I realised after hanging up when it was done that I was being an idiot for still living there (we were in the Saint-Hubert house) because there were still a few months before leaving, I was not planning on coming back to the monsters I have for parents but living with them until them was idiotic considering the amount of money I had. So I said to mom all that and put all my things in luggages (i had so few that i had to put a few luggages in a luggage) and then left home forever, she did not believed me and when I left they both thought I would be back but I was not. I found a small room to rent, it was more than 3000$ per month but I figured for the amount of time (like 3 or 2 months) it would be okay, I even asked if I could add a satellite dish and they said okay then I told them that I would buy a PC instead of a laptop and that when I would be gone they could keep it. I spent most of my time planning what to do after the year in Dallas.

I wanted to go back to Ste-Florence but when we were near I found an excuse to stop the car (look at something - the place we stopped do not exist at least near that area). It was a dirt road in a forest or mountain and there was water behind the trees. I saw a house abandoned there so I asked around and I was explained the story, I asked if it was still habitable and was told no. When we were looking (or just me) elsewhere someone dumped a house near the house and when I saw it I said hey it looks like a house near ours and I was told it was that house then told why it was dumped, I found it ridiculous because it was a nice house but not anymore plus a dump was very close by and houses could be dumped there but they had dumped it in nature close to water. It was time to go to Ste-Florence but I tried to find other excuses but then decided to go there. When we arrived at the friend who helped us after the fire I stayed outside, I wanted to not go in but then I went in. I went straight to the friend who was sitting, she looked like she wanted to give me a hug but at the last second she put her back back on the back of the chair and we weirdly kind of shook hands. I also found it strange that Toby her Golden Retriever did not hear me enter and was not in the kitchen with his mom and the visit. I called him (the house did not looked exactly like it does) and he came running very happy to see me.

A man had a kid but before it was born the mom made everything possible so that he would never see his kid. Finally years later he showed everything to the world. Every single day he made at least one attempt to be able to at least just see his child and nothing had worked. He also showed that the justice system and many others were on the side of the mom. I was like oh see how women are and everything is for them. People were enraged for him and the child but they still could not meet.